Ease of lockdown in Karachi, disorder in vaccination center

Ease of lockdown in Karachi, disorder in vaccination center.

Ease of lockdown in Karachi, disorder in vaccination center
Ease of lockdown in Karachi, disorder in vaccination center

The Sindh government has said public transport is allowed in Karachi to give citizens access to immunization centers and the double boarding ban is lifted.
 Speaking at a media briefing on Saturday, Sindh government spokesman Murtaza Wahab said, “We are issuing public transport notices to bring people to vaccinations. Double-ride restriction is removed. Restaurants, bakeries and dairy shops are also allowed.
 Responding to criticism from state ministers over the closure, he said the Sindh Task Force had imposed a ban on expert advice. Unfortunately, it is said today that we have never consulted. The NCOC said Sindh should not be detained

The Sindh government is trying its best to contact the provincial government and make decisions in this regard, but unfortunately those who come to the media and make statements do not make a joint statement about the corona virus. '
 Murtaza Wahab said in the political arena there could be a war between the PTI and the PPP but in the traditional arena we must try to save people from this deceptive epidemic. Those who criticize the log I would like to tell you instead of begging people not to spread chaos. When the closure was put in Lahore, the PPP did not say that the closure was wrong. He did not say that the locks were against Lahore economy.
 According to him, it was decided at the Sindh Task Force meeting that those who are not vaccinated should be banned from their SIM mobile phones. The number of vaccines in Pakistan has risen in the past four days.
 In Sindh, 185,000 people were vaccinated in 24 hours. People are vaccinated in large numbers and there are enough doses of vaccine. Other vaccine centers are under construction.
 On the other hand, the chase for people coming to the Karachi vaccine has increased, with people breaking through the gate and entering the vaccination center. Staff on the scene also suffered minor injuries due to the commotion when the management of the center failed to control the situation.
 A Sindh government spokesman added that if any center, shop or wedding hall was in conflict with the SOPs, it would be closed one month after August 9.

Unnecessary evictions are also being repatriated

People leave homes just to be vaccinated. Institutions that employ 100% of their employees will be allowed to operate. If management takes illegal action against anyone, action will be taken against them.

 Following a press conference by Sindh government spokesman, Sindh Governor Imran Ismail also said at a press conference that the provincial government was not in favor of industry or closed down completely. Smart release has been defeated before. We are ready to support smart locks.

 On the other hand, on the first day of the road closure in Karachi, police set up roadblocks at various locations and public transport was not allowed to pass through the roadblocks.

 Police unload passengers on buses and carts. Rickshaws and taxis are also not allowed to pass through the gates, while those who have been unnecessarily removed are also turned away. Road travel is easy and markets and shops are closed.

 In addition, many government offices are closed and access to private offices is less than normal

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