Joe Biden

 Presidential candidate Joe Biden broke all records for the most votes in US history

Democrat candidate garners more than 70 million votes, no US presidential candidate has garnered more than 70 million votes to date

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Washington..Presidential candidate Joe Biden broke all records for the most votes in US history.  According to the details, the results of the presidential election in the United States are coming from different states.  Democrat candidate Joe Biden is said to have received more than 70 million votes.

 To date, no US presidential candidate has received more than 70 million votes.  Earlier, Obama had the honor of winning the most votes in the US presidential election.  Obama won 69 million votes in the 2008 election.  It has been reported that Biden received more than 70 million votes, but he still needs 270 electoral votes to win.

Joe Biden 2020

According to the results so far, Biden has won 238 electoral votes.  On the other hand, during the presidential election, betting is on the rise in the United States.  Before the start of the presidential election, Biden was declared the favorite.  Speculators had predicted that Joe Biden had a 65% chance of winning, but after the results came out on Wednesday, bookmakers declared Donald Trump a favorite.

 Now that the results have stopped, bookies have once again declared Biden the favorite to win.  According to the latest reports, Biden's position is better than Trump's so far.  Democratic candidate Joe Biden received a total of 238 electoral votes.  Republican candidate Donald Trump received 213 electoral votes.  It should be noted that 270 out of 538 electoral votes are required to win the presidential election.

 Regarding the election results, experts say that the results of the US presidential election 2020 may take several days or weeks to come. US experts say that when the competition is so fierce, one vote is important. These elections have taken place in such circumstances.  More than 100 million American voters have chosen to exercise their voting right by early voting or by mail when the world is infected with the Korna virus.

 Experts say that the process of verifying and then counting the votes cast by post is very complicated which requires a lot of time while more votes have been cast by post in these elections than in the past.  It can take days or weeks for them to meet the legal requirements for counting.  In this situation, Donald Trump has announced to go to the Supreme Court, alleging fraud.

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