Denmark: The Koran was burned in a Muslim-majority area

The right-wing party burned the Koran in public in an area of ​​the city of Frederica, a predominantly Turkish and Muslim immigrant area.

In Denmark, the Koran was burned in a Muslim-majority area.  Denmark's right-wing party has publicly burned the Koran in an area of ​​the city of Frederica, mostly inhabited by Turkish and Muslim immigrants.  According to the details, another tragic incident has taken place in the European country Denmark which has hurt the feelings of Muslims all over the world.
 Stream Chris (Hardline), a popular right-wing party for its anti-Islamic activities, burned the Holy Quran, the holiest book in Islam, in Frederica, Denmark, sparking outrage among Muslims  The tide has turned.

Denmark and holy Quran

According to foreign media reports, the anti-Islam party burned several copies of the Holy Quran in their protest, and during the protest also continued to desecrate the holy book of Islam.

"What we're doing today is to bring out the truth about Islam, because a lot of people in Denmark don't know what Islam is, so we  They want to explain what Islam is and that the values ​​and judgments of Islam are in conflict with Western European values. ”
 Angry people came out of their houses to protest against Islam and desecrate the Holy Quran and strongly condemned the activities of the anti-Islamic party.  Footage from the scene shows a man being detained by police for crossing a fence around a site set aside for provocative activity, while a woman can also be seen resisting the painful act.  Which was snatched by the police.
 Surprisingly, the police were on the scene during the whole incident and did not take any action against those who burnt the holy book.

Denmark Muslim-majority area

It should be noted that the party, formed in 2017 by Danish lawyer Rasmus Peloden, is known for its anti-Islamic activities and is found to be involved in provocative activities such as anti-Islam and desecration of the Holy Quran.
 Pelodon had earlier announced that he would burn the Koran in Sweden, after which the Swedish government banned him from entering the country. However, in Pelodon's absence, his supporters burned a copy of the Koran.  After which there was a strong reaction from the Muslim community

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